SOFC600 Project Summary

The objective of this Integrated Project is the specification of stack components for the operation of SOFC systems at 600oC. Reducing the operating temperature to this level will have a large impact on lifetime and costs of SOFC system, thereby facilitating the commercial introduction of clean and efficient SOFC technology for combined heat and power generation in society, as well as auxiliary power for transport applications. The emphasis of the project is on the basic research and development of materials, components and processes for producing advanced stack components at low costs. The major components that the project addresses are anodes, cathodes and electrolytes, as well as the integration of these components into cells. Additionally combinations of interconnect steels and coatings, as well as sealing options are developed.

The project is divided into six workpackages:

WP1 Cell components and cells

WP2 Interconnect Materials  & Coatings

WP3 Seals

WP4 Powders

WP5 Testing

WP6 Communication, dissemination and training